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i n f i n i t y ∞


Such a vision, pure Angelic,
As you move about the room,
Hair drifting past your shoulders,
Humming soft a lovers tune.
On the bed I silent watch you,
While my passion grows with in,
Knowing it will be just moments,
Until our night of love begins.
Shadows do not hide your beauty,
As I savor you like wine,
The outline of your body,
Burns into this heart of mine.
Our eyes meet to tell the story,
Two people burning with desire,
Knowing that our consummation,
Will put out this raging fire.

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6 comments on i n f i n i t y ∞

Quelle coïncidence :) Je viens de tomber sur ton excellent mix grace à "simillar mixes" j' étais entrain d'ecouter ma compil ke j'avais publié hier aussi très semblable à la tienne :)) http://8tracks.com/letoiliste/made-to-move-1 keep making awesome tracklists

Hahaha ! tellement vrai ! là je suis entrain d'écouter ton mix , merci pour le partage et pour ton soutien, on est deux alors , you too keep making awesome tracklists , as you know we both, love the same music <3