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i don't know what i feel anymore


these are the songs i listen to when i'm feeling empty and sad and when i just don't really feel like existing at the moment

  • Mad World by Gary Jules
  • The Great Escape by Andrew Gavin Williams
  • I Gave You All by Mumford And Sons
  • Breathe Me (Rainy Mood) by Sia
  • Wake Me Up by Ed Sheeran
  • Summertime Sadness V2.1 by Reabelyl
  • Jesus by Brand New
  • Landfill (taken from the 'His Young Heart' EP) by Daughter
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this is so good every playlist with the hashtags empty and depressed is by little 10 year old girls and the song are all justin bieber and top 40. They don't know any good songs but this is so good!!