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Inspirational Music vol.1


For me as a writer it's very important that I'm in exact mood and emotional level with my story/chapter/scene.
This is the list of music that has helped me out a lot and have given me inspiration boost when I've needed (Like when I had to write an epic battle or death of one of the characters or wedding etc.) So for me it is quite inspirational.
I hope you like it. Enjoy!

15 tracks
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After listening to your Symphonic and Gothic Metal at least a 1/2 dozen times TODAY, your Inspirational Music mix is ...'just as intense..."
This makes me wonder what you write when listening to this, although I am sure I have a pretty good idea...

Thank you for providing this for others like myself to enjoy.

Thanks :) I'm happy you like it ^^
As for my writing.. well.. it's an epic story that contains love, friendship, loyalty, betrayals, battles, ancient warriors, magic and gates of hell. That should sums it up :D

it does help a lot to listen to these music, in my line of work I don't need any insperation at all, but it turns in to some kind of sound track for my day activities, this way is undertandable how can affect on a inspirational level is like the sonata "PLANET EARTH FOREVER" some how is perfect for a sceen were the charecters have gone trough hell and then is over and it projects the felling that everything is going to get better, I don't know, i'm sorry I'm not good expressing things, but any way thank you for introducing me to this music. now I listen to it almost every day!