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Bill Hicks Live: An Evening With Music, Laughter And Signature Hatred (Early Show)


The awesomeness of this mix cannot be constrained by a word limit. So, read the comment section.

Btw, this mix has single-handedly violated every single term of 8tracks terms of use!.. Tears of joy are welling up in my eyes... Bill couldn't be more proud.

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What do I think of this mix?
This mix, I hate it. And I fucking love it. There is a passive - aggressive relationship between this mix and me.

I love it because of its intentions. My art rock heroes, Tool, sampled some rants of Bill Hicks in Aenema as a tribute. I always wanted to get this concept to the next level. Instead of just a tribute, I'd rather give you an insight to Bill's favorite music and icons, as he presented them in his shows. Known or Rare. Preferably the second.

But I abysmally hate this mix. Because juvenile excitement and, what can best be described as under-par editing skills, can get you this far. This is a mix that will never do justice to this man. It will never be the perfect mix I had in my mind.

Still this mix is the reason I signed up in 8tracks. The very first mix I had in mind. I promised to myself that I would make this mix and I cannot keep it private in hopes that it will get better. And so, like a caring mother with tearful eyes that can't believe her son is leaving from home, I shall let this mix follow its destiny.

P.S. If by any chance I come across a deity that can grant me superior editing skills, a keen ear and Bill Hicks' private stack of taped gigs, I will commit the atrocious sins necessary to empower me with the above and finally perfect this mix. Till then, WYHIWYG and wait for the late show. Now bugger off and press play. Do it.