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ptv acoustics


some pierce the veil acoustics yayy :)

**sorry this playlist has been taken down many times due to the fact that there are too many duplicates of songs/copyright etc .. so now not all of these will be acoustics and i think theres a sws song added in there.

  • She Makes Dirty Words Sound Prett by Ron Pechmagre
  • Pierce the veil caraphernelia acoustic by Lola Fayemi
  • Hold on Till May by P
  • Disasterology by (:
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  • Pierce The Veil acoustic by Chemical Kids and Mechanical Brides
  • Kissing in Cars by Pierce the Veil
  • The Balcony Scene by Pierce the Veil
  • If I'm James Dean You're Audrey Hepburn (Acoustic) by Sleeping With Sirens
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