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oops i could love you maybe


shoutout to the first girl who made you realize you were queer -- a mix of happiness and pining

and it's not always even that you wanted to date her, but you watched her dance and you thought okay. okay this is real

*has changed a little bit because 8tracks ended their partnership with SoundCloud :(

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@two-moments Honestly crying because you're so sweet. You're so welcome, thank YOU for making me feel like other people share my experiences. Lots and lots of love <333

Hi just dropping by to say holy shit I love your mix so much, AND your caption is literally 100% spot on for my first crush on a girl :') this is amazing an

@weitian Aw I'm so glad you like it and it's relatable! I feel like we have so much in common :') Know that you're never alone, babe! Good luck with the ladies ;)))