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til kingdom come


these violent delights have violent ends
which as they kiss consume

(a mix for Jareth and Sarah from Labyrinth. But not a mix for the film labyrinth. It is a mix for the continuation of their story)

12 tracks
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Snagged your mixes from tumblr ages ago ("These Violent Delights" and "To Kiss, Consume"), so I'm glad to see parts of them combined into this mix. Seriously, I am deeply in love with those songs and am so glad you introduced me to them.

Oh that's so great to hear, thank you! Yeah that set remains the mix I am the most proud of and it seemed silly not to have a version of it up here. All the songs in here are ~deeply important~ to me and their playcount on my iTunes remains ludicrously high. Thank you again for the lovely comment and follow!