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Take Edgar & Burn Him To The Ground


For the amazing novel length fanfiction The Great Sealand Takeover. http://archiveofourown.org/works/2136012/chapters/4665129

When all is said and done do they rise from the ashes?
Why should Geoff rise to this disturbance?
Can Ryan be unburdened?
Is Jack able to hold everyone together?
When will Gavin find all that he needs to be found?
Does Ray have secrets that need to be told?
Will Michael keep his cool?
Should Achievement City be fought over?

30 tracks
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Ahhh this was great, thank you so much for making it! I've been listening to it over the last few days while working on various things and it was really great to write to. I love the variety of songs and genres (and the instrumental pieces in there as well) and they definitely all reminded me of Sealand in different ways aha. Especially liked Diamonds, Kick Out The Epic Motherfucker, Shiny Toy Guns, Castle of Glass, Bit By Bit and Flesh. Also the Parting Glass at the end was super bittersweet because it always reminds me of the walking dead aha. But yess this was great thank you so much, I loved it~ whb <3

@8ofhearts Oh my god. I'm so glad you like it. I made like several lists to think of the songs that'll fit and they I thought, let's put them together and mix the genre's to create that tension and feeling of an ever changing dynamic like in your fic.