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Radio Henrietta [Volume 1]


Heard in the night--in grocery stores, gas stations, mini-marts, Adam's beat up battery operated affair in the carport, or sometimes even in the Pig when the CD player gives up the ghost for the umpteenth time.

**EDIT: Part the second--available now! (and with silly annotations in places ^_^) here: http://8tracks.com/evetakeiteasy/radio-henrietta-volume-2

**UPDATE** Part the third available here! http://8tracks.com/evetakeiteasy/radio-henrietta-volume-3

12 tracks
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OKAY THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!!!! The songs are so incredibly fitting and perfect!!! I didn't know I needed a mix like this in my life until just now!!!!!

@sara.girard.14 (T_T)b Thanks man--I'm almost finished with book 4 now and my feels are all over the place...hope you enjoy the other installments! Vol. 4 should be out fairly soon X.X

This is really realistic to picture omw I can imagine just driving in the pig with this mix idly playing in the background its just so comforting??¿¿ good job it's a really well executed idea ^-^

I can totally imagine the gang in the Pig listening to these songs with the windows rolled down or going to a late night drive thru. It's such a great vibe! Thank you!!

@seelieknight Dude--thank you! T_T This is honestly the sweetest fandom ever. Ya'll are too sweet and on the same wavelength! Hope you enjoy volume 2! All of the book 3 mixes should be on the way in the coming week or so ^_^

@thecolorlessking Thanks! I haven't spent a whole ton of time in Virginia; but that which I have--has largely been spent driving on the blue ridge mountain parkway!