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Radio Henrietta [Volume 1]


Heard in the night--in grocery stores, gas stations, mini-marts, Adam's beat up battery operated affair in the carport, or sometimes even in the Pig when the CD player gives up the ghost for the umpteenth time.

**EDIT: Part the second--available now! (and with silly annotations in places ^_^) here: http://8tracks.com/evetakeiteasy/radio-henrietta-volume-2

**UPDATE** Part the third available here! http://8tracks.com/evetakeiteasy/radio-henrietta-volume-3

12 tracks
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So basically if they ever do a show/movie of TRC they should come to you for the soundtrack is what you're getting at here

@jessmy Hahah! I mean--SyFy is doing a series... :sends cosmic vibes to execs at time warner or whatever: GET AT ME BRUH. Thanks so much for the compliment!

@Ezere Since 8tracks went to shit ; a lot of the original tracks posted to songs have been removed or otherwise corrupted. I've heard some listeners say it's "Chipmunkified" whereas other users skip the song entirely. lol womp womp

OKAY THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!!!! The songs are so incredibly fitting and perfect!!! I didn't know I needed a mix like this in my life until just now!!!!!

@sara.girard.14 (T_T)b Thanks man--I'm almost finished with book 4 now and my feels are all over the place...hope you enjoy the other installments! Vol. 4 should be out fairly soon X.X

This is really realistic to picture omw I can imagine just driving in the pig with this mix idly playing in the background its just so comforting??¿¿ good job it's a really well executed idea ^-^

I can totally imagine the gang in the Pig listening to these songs with the windows rolled down or going to a late night drive thru. It's such a great vibe! Thank you!!

@seelieknight Dude--thank you! T_T This is honestly the sweetest fandom ever. Ya'll are too sweet and on the same wavelength! Hope you enjoy volume 2! All of the book 3 mixes should be on the way in the coming week or so ^_^