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Us [A Johnlockary Mix]


There will be time for angst later--for now just take time to enjoy the warm'n'fuzzy Jonlockary feels and be happy! (Does this fandom even do happy?)

Just a short, fun mix celebrating everyone's new favorite OT3

  • Come Save Me (Flight Facilities Graceland Remix) by Jagwar Ma
  • Ready For The Good Life (Vocal & Piano Version, Featuring Chilly Gonzales) by Amateur Best
  • Love Somebody (Penguin Prison Remix) by Maroon 5
  • Electric Feel (Gespleu Downcast Edit) || MGMT Cover by Henry Green
  • Let It Go by Dragonette
  • Majestic Casual Chapter I by Majestic
  • Us by Regina Spektor
7 tracks
1 comment on Us [A Johnlockary Mix]

johnlockary was my OT3 until Mary shoot Sherlock. Now, I'm cross with her. haha xD
I still think the three of them should have danced together in the wedding though. I hope season 4 fix all this.

adorable fanmix! I really like it! :)

Thank you!

Agreed--those 3 know nothing of "limits" hahahaha.

I was pissed with her--until Sherlock made it clear just how precisely she'd shot him-; and why.

Now it's just really clear Sherlock perfers partners who are...how shall we say--into the "rough stuff"? haha