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Baby your love is a crime


“I burned by bridges so the devil couldn't follow me.”
― L.M. Browning, Vagabonds and Sundries.

“When you leave, I feel like I'm alone with your demons.”― Crystal Woods, Write like no one is reading.

A fanfix for a friend based off a roleplay that became its own universe that involves human trafficking, sex, murder and lies and an underage Dean Winchester that goes by the name Green and and undercover FBI Agent named Gold.

Fic here; http://archiveofourown.org/works/4279611/chapters/9692928

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I really enjoyed this playlist and the annotations give it a little more edge. The description of the 'verse the boys are in this time is intriguing. Is there a link there a link to your friend's verse she would be willing to share? The quotes and the photo are beautiful as well. Thanks for sharing with this us. Much love.

@anon-100007226164007 Unfortunately, I have not posted or written anything publicly for this verse. It was a verse that was branched off my roleplaying account of Dean Winchester and we never actaully posted anything publicly. All the things that have happened in this verse have been over skype and planned out and thought out over time. I have yet to actually post a drabble on this verse. I intend to commission someone for a drawing relating to this verse but I havent written anything to the public yet. But thank you very much for the feedback, considering this playlist centers more on Green's (Dean's) point of view on things. I might post something on archive about it but not yet.

@padshiy Thanks so much for your reply. I write a little fanfic but am just getting comfortable with publishing anything. But let me encourage you to but something on paper seems like you have a great story in the making. I feel very strongly about the scourge of human trafficking and the damage done to all involved. As far as the boys are concerned, I have a weak spot for young Dean and anything that eventually leads to h/c . Best of luck with this.

@anon-100007226164007 Thank you my dear, it means a lot, it's a matter of feedback really I have yet to tell anyone other that my friend who writes Sam in this set of fics, i feel very strongly on the subject as well and not many write about the nature, i do a lot of research before writing these types of things and i have still so much to discover. :3