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the ground beneath his feet


A fanmix for the excellent fic by futurerae, Orpheus in Freefall (http://archiveofourown.org/works/5552246)

Katabasis is one of my favourite tropes in fiction and this fic had me thinking of so many different songs I had to make a mix for it.

The title is from a book based on a modern retelling of Orpheus and Eurydice I read once. As the fic isn't finished yet, I've only added songs for what I think will happen at the end, but if things change, I'll add some more :)

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I can't the fan fic about I need a account but I can't because there's no way to create a account and just read the help page,isn't useful.There's no way to read the fan fic

@nadia-m-102806 It looks like the author has made the fic only viewable to those with accounts. You can join AO3 by requesting an invite, usually, but they've temporarily disabled invites due to spam. Maybe keep an eye on this page to see if there's any updates:

I love putting this on while I'm just studying or sketching. You've put some really moving songs on here that very much capture the tone of that fic. Also the cover edit is beautiful and really enhances the experience of listening to this mix ❤️