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you are not the victim


the mourning of a lost civilization

this contains VERY eerie songs so... listen at your own risk!!
art credit (c) splatoon
three splatoon playlists in a row........ i am a mess..... this theory is just fucking me Up

9 tracks
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@iwoomynation when you beat dj octavio you (LITERALLY) hear screams and pounding in the background and the theory is is that the octolings are practically doomed! ;_; the underground is falling apart and the lack of electricity is shutting down the kettles they use to navigate... octolings are getting trapped (i think that's what the screaming is) and it's safe to say that octolings probably died this way... you (as the player of course) stole their last shred of hope for the future and now that their leader is being held hostage the octoling nation is slowly dissolving into just a lost civilization only remembered by a turf war that branded them the enemy of all inklings.... splatoon is Deep and Sad