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I Am So Guilty... <3 хх


Bulgarian Hip Hop and some Chalga, nothing too trashy. Is it cheesy? Hell, yes. Is it good? Like butter and Nutella in your #fresh, still hot croissant ;))))

Featuring some like Young BB Young, Krisko, SPENS, Alex P,

  • Тя Има Мъж(Dani White Vers. 93.00(bpm) by Young BB Young Feat. Slatkaristika
  • Dolna Kifla by Spens
  • Хляб За Очите / Alex P. by Alex P.
  • Видимо Доволни/Krisko & Mariq Ilieva by Криско & Мария Илиева
  • Featuring S Krisko by Young BB young
  • Trepeti (instr, QvkataDLG) by Qvkata DLG & Keranoff
  • Кради, Кради by Bat Ventsi feat. Goodslav, Buch and 100kila
  • Bela Jiga by Upsurt
  • Няма Нищо По- Добро / Niama nishto po-dobro by ALEX P & HONN KONG
  • Кратка Автобиография (Official Episode 008) by ONE SHOT: Керанов
  • Znaesh Li Koi Vidqh by Marto Mart'
  • Пералня Feat. F.O. & Dim4ou REMIX (Boyata032) KICHUKA PLOVDIV by Hoodini & Tr1ckmusic
  • Усещам Още / Santra Feat. Lora Karadjova by Сантра Feat. Лора Караджова
  • Zahir by Ice Cream
14 tracks
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