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Reality Check


The truth hurts, so if you're close-minded or just easily offended, feel free to skip this playlist - no hard feelings. No rappers rhyming about girls, cash, cars, and clothes. No cowboys talking about trucks and beer. No boy and girl bands singing about..well..nothing, I guess.

This mix is...different. Chaplin, De Grasse Tyson, Carl Sagan, Will Smith, and Joe Rogan (yes, the Fear Factor guy). These are the true artists of the world that we should be listening to.

14 tracks
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Listening to this playlist has given me so much inspiration! It has truly given me more fuel to keep pushing towards my dream and given me a better perspective as to how significant we all are; that we all have greatness within us we just have to find it and believe in it (ourselves) and the universe will take care the rest!