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Listening to this playlist has given me so much inspiration! It has truly given me more fuel to keep pushing towards my dream and given me a better perspective as to how significant we all are; that we all have greatness within us we just have to find it and believe in it (ourselves) and the universe will take care the rest!

I am crying right now because I broke. I'm getting the hell out of Ohio and doing what I want to do. Make this world a better place.

I´d like for all of you who believe in a different perspective, a different approach to help us grow with your criticism... We began a couple of years ago against all odds doing photography and this is what has become of us... octopustudio.com
We´ll be waitin´ to hear from you. This playlist has definitely assured me that I was not wrong... we were not wrong in protecting our dreams!

Admittedly, this isn't at all what I expected when I pressed play.
But god, it's absolutely amazing.
Thank you for taking the time to put this together.

Thank you for sharing and as the great Tupac said
“You gotta make a change. Its time for us as a people to start making some changes, lets change the way we eat, lets change the way we live, and lets change the way we treat each other. You see the old way wasn't working so its on us, to do what we gotta do to survive.”

these mixes are amazing makes me truley think about the shit that matters.... the most powerful thing in life is the actions that come from truely deep thoughts

Brilliant......thank you for making it possible for all to take an inner look through these words. This world needs some serious kick ass grounding back to grass roots....these make us stop - take a look in the mirror and go holy shit! time to change.

Just... Thank you, this is one of the best things I've ever come across in the internet. All of these speeches are pure beauty and truth.