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Ewoowoo's Day of Fresh Air.


Each song allows you to take a deep breath. It starts out rising in the morning to Yo-Yo Ma, rocking mid-day with the B-52's, and going to sleep with Santo and Johnny. Listen to in order to make more sense. (Like the other play lists, a work in progress)

8 tracks
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Thank You. I was going to switch the Pavarotti from the 2 spot to the second from last. The more I listened to it, feels like night time... And I sort of remember in the Opera, its sung at night.
I thought of two great songs to add to it last night, then woke up today and forgot what they were. I need a note pad haha.

I listened from start to finish.( must have been a good mix ) My favourites were the first three, and the dependable Santo and Johnny. Well done