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i couldn't find you.

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Noooo! How dare you do this to me!? ;0; Oh Chloe, baby, if you weren't fictional and all I'd give you a great big hug! I already felt so bad for her, but these songs just drive home how broken the poor girl must have been over Rachel's disappearance and eventual revealed death. Rachel Amber, for a long time, was the one person in Chloe's life that made her happy and filled the empty space left by her best friend's leaving, so all the hurt, turmoil, betrayal, anger, longing, and regret that these songs convey are so REAL. I'm not sure I actually ship these two (there's reasons to believe that Chloe saw her that way, at least!), but their bond was one of the best things about the game and it's obvious that Chloe loved her dearly, friend or potential lover (I like to think there's a deep, complex mix, though it was likely one-sided). Another lovely mix, just like your Grahamfield one! You're like my LiS soul-brother/soul-sister! :D