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Exkixtix_Co's Huis Clos: A 8 Tracks Interpretation

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The Meat of it( from sparknotes)
“The play's central themes of freedom and responsibility come from Sartre's doctrine that "existence precedes essence." Sartre believed that human consciousness, or a "being-for-itself," differed from inanimate objects, or a "being-in-itself," since humans have the ability to choose and define their individual characteristics, or essence. But with this freedom of choice comes the absolute responsibility for one's action. The fear and anxiety of this responsibility leads many people to ignore both their freedom and their responsibility by letting other people make their choices for them, resulting in bad faith. “
Welcome to a room with NO Exit......
Trx 1. Room/Cell: A Second Empire parloir w/ a locked door: Symphony #5 - Toccata

Trx 2  Valet: A minion of Satan/God a demigod keeper of this room in hell/heaven: Mood Swings

Trx 3 Garcin: The Romantic-Grand vision no follow through: Regret

Trx 4 Inez: The Aesthetic-Only looking in the mirror: I’ll Be Your Mirror

Trx5 Estelle: The Humanist- Ready to judge: G-Force

Trx 6 Death/Absent: Where there is only now: Dream of Life

Trx 7 Hell: Is other people: Esylium

Trx 8 Giggle: Absurdity of it all: Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Trx 9 Closing: The only music mentioned in play: Saint Louis Blues