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Fade Away in The Explosion

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i'm glad the nick cave fit in... i thought i might be taking it in a different direction entirely... but that song in particular, i think, is about a man having lost his family/home which was sort of a figurative interpretation of a house exploding... but it is definitely a gutpunch of a song

one again I think I clearly get the sticks out like a sore thumb award for the track I chose....I see exploding houses and I just don't think mellow and introspective....even in slo mo.

It is the awkward that gives me comfort more real than surreal and it is the real that is most surreal, right? I loved it and believe more video's should be incorporated into mixes. hmmmm....

it's so exciting to see how other people replied to this video. I tried to make this playlist once by myself but I just didn't have enough material.

and namorpremier, I think the Newman track is from American Beauty,

Warning! Spoiler:
Different style from the other mixes: Good! One or 2 pieces fit in ackwardly but it's a very nice mix. Nick Cave is perfect. And is the Newman title from the Revolutionary Road soundtrack?