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We Ordered Mint Chocolate Chip And Got A 12-Hour Trip

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yeah, this mix couldnt go wrong even i i threw in We Belong by Pat Benetar. When you take acid (especially expectingly) anything can happen, and some times... strange things, out of place.

LOL Oh you meant the Love song, right? That is a bad trip and that what happens when the ice cream man feeds you acid and you don't expect it! It was perfect cheers to the Saboteurs!!!

I put the Pink Floyd and that song to me is a strange trip for them and I have fond psychedelic memoirs with it. when I was taking liquid and mushrooms. There was not much electronic music and by the late 80's I was done with it and I just raved early 90's on weed. I am a firm believer in being an Saboteur and creating chaos for it is in the chaos that true order is achieved. As Far as "No place in the mix" that's a crock in my book. Personally I was sad that is was not diverse enough oscillation as as good acid trip has. Intense, peaceful, vivid, shadowed, hilarious, frighting on and on...

Thanks for reviving the psychedelic theme.. you know how I like trippy music ;) I wonder now how many of our krew have actually ever been experienced though, or how different our experiences may be.. because both times we've tried this, it hasn't quite hit the note. Also, I wonder do we have a saboteur..? someone who intentionally puts in something that has no place in the mix just to mess it up? I don't think I need to name the track, but its plain that "one of these things is not like the others", and its not different in a good way either..