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EXO We Are One!


EXO sorry it's not a lot of songs.

  • 나비소녀 (Don't Go) by EXO-K
  • The Star by EXO-M
  • EXO The 2nd Mini Album '(Overd by fishanchovy
    Songs in The 2nd Mini Album Overdose!
  • XOXO (Chinese Version) by EXO
  • Thunder by EXO-K
  • Goodbye Summer by f(x) ft. D.O. (Exo-K)
  • I'm Me by EXO Chanyeol & D.O
  • Rainbow (彩虹) by [EXO] Kris & Lay
  • EXO Lay ft Luhan by Because of you
  • Love the future you by EXO-M Luhan
  • Why So Serious [SHINee] 130705 at Musik Bank by EXO (Sehun, Baekhyun, D.O, Luhan & Chen)
  • Two Moons [Sehun, Kai, Kris, Lay, Tao, Chanyeol ver.] by wufabulous
12 tracks