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—exo: unreleased


my quadruple million sellers' solo endeavors + my favorite covers they've done both individually or otherwise

[let me know if any tracks don't work]

-ps: group covers are at the end, solos are first

32 tracks
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I love exo’s cover songs; thank you sm for making this playlist!! I also like a lot of your other playlists too so thank you for making them and letting me discover so many new gems ✨

@krnb omg seriously thank you so much for this comment it made me smile :") i also love exo's cover songs so much, i love the way they take songs and make them their own! i'm so grateful that you listen to (and LIKED) my playlists because i'm always worried that people won't like them the way i do. i hope you can keep finding more gems through my mixes in the future, & i hope u have a lovely day !!!