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sexy ladies


the recent scandal with stellar's marionette mv made me pretty angry

so here, have a playlist of girl groups and female idols being sexy, sexual beings who sure as hell don't care about your 'trashy' opinion
suck it

41 tracks
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Totally agree with you when it comes to being sexy, raunchy and expressive as fuck. My only issue is when girl groups are being downright objectified rather than allowing them to own their sexuality. Feel like kpop tends to aim towards the former.

Aside from that and all, love the mix <3

i agree with you! kpop is an industry after all and it still wants to sell (as much as possible). on one hand, i think it's good for girl groups and female artists to be able to experience that side of them, on the other hand i do think they're being objectified too much! but honestly, in my opinion it's also a part that develops over time and with maturity, that they'll be able to own their sexuality. thank you for your lovely comment! <3