Exploding Plastics
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Volume #4 (Late 60s psychedelic rock / pop / folk)


A (mildly) psychedelic mix featuring psychedelic rock / pop / folk treasures from 1966-1970.

Including: Bernard Herrmann, The White Noise, and The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band.

14 tracks
2 comments on Volume #4 (Late 60s psychedelic rock / pop / folk)

I am looking for a song that played on the typical rock&roll/pop radio stations (Like Z-93 and 96Rock) between 1972 and 1979.... song could be of the late 60s. it is PURE harmonica intro followed by a male voice ohhhhhh ohhhh lahhh daahhhhh deeehhhh LOUD! and then I think it is a song of nostalgia where the singer expresses thoughts of how it was( used to be), and the voice intro repeats through-out the song as if he had missed an opportunity... perhaps with a girl mate... it is NOT a raspy voice, but clear and possibly a black artist that would sound like a white person... I have no way to provide more info, as I am not adept in music, just know what I hear! IT IS NOT a BLUES harmonica sound but could be categorized as such... woh wha wha whee whee whuh whee whaa wha then the singing ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh how I remember and wish I could turn back time NOT THE ACTUAL WORDS but the feeling I remember from the song... I know that is not much to go on but that is all I got.