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The Drift is (not) Silence Vol. 2

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What do two minds linked as one sound like where sound only exists as memories and fragments? This is a collection of various soundscapes and trance house to get you and co pilot relaxed, synchronized, and afloat in that odd world of memories and connection, the second volume.

  • Dead to the World by Röyksopp
  • Ascension by Tycho
  • Without You (feat. Kerry Leatham) by Lapalux
  • BLISSTERS by Holy Other
  • Lamp Mien by _type
  • Deus Ex- Human Revolution [FULL SOUNDTRACK] by Penthouse
  • Grace by Moby
  • Sleep ∞ Over by SLEEP ∞ OVER
  • Where the Boats Go by M83
9 tracks
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