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they'll always love each other


a fanmix for the relationship between oliver queen and laurel lance.
the love, and the hate. the good, and the bad. and everything in between.

( in which i'm dead certain i'm the only one that is still rooting for these two. all my ships are doomed )

12 tracks
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And here I thought I was the only one hanging on to these two, too. Thank you for keeping the lo alive, I sick at playlists or I would've made one already

it's so sad that there's barely any playlists on these two :( i love this one though, hands down best one. i'll probably make one soon, i love them soo much

@lucidmoon they're so underappreciated as a duo, i just had to make a playlist. omgosh, thank you!! and yes, make a playlist! they need more great playlists