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Is this playlist safe for work?



@extreme dinosaur Hey there, I've just seen your message in my emails and I'm just writing back to confirm that the list you've made I do indeed now have it and I'm very appreciative! Can't wait for the game, not too long to go now aye! My favourite games of all time are the Streets of Rage series so of course it's number one on my radar right now! I take it you'll be a day one purchaser like me. I've found out that there is no online co-op planned at launch but they hope to implement it soon. Would be great to team up with you at some point! I'm glad that you like the link I sent you, the tracks sound cool. Been hoping to find the tracks used in the trailers but haven't been successful. Matters not though as the OST should release same time as the game. The tracks in your playlist then, are they all available to be found on Youtube then? I'm going to check it out later when I've got more time. Thanks again EX Dino my friend and take good care of yourself!! :)

@jonathan-g-10157 All the songs are on youtube :) Yeah, would be fun if they implemented online co-op, since you can play with up to 4 people. By the way, I found out that the song from the trailer is made by Fixions but I couldn't find the exact song. We just have to wait, I'm sure the OST will be amazing. Anyways, take care!

Hey thanks for the info Extreme Dino! Much appreciated just thought I'd write back to say so, I am a member here now, and I've followed you and added your playlist to my collection but it still won't play it all even with VPN set to US. :( As such will only let me play up to 8 tracks. Any possibility if you have the time of course to write down the artists and tracks you've collected here for me to go and listen to on youtube or elsewhere? I've just found something you may be interested in. The French producer Vincent Cassar of Fixions fame is the one producing the Mother Russia Bleeds OST as I have just researched and on Soundcloud he has put out some tracks from the game already!! Possibly just prototypes, unsure but still worth a listen!! The link is https://soundcloud.com/ophiansaudio I hope if you didn't already know of this that it serves you well. Take care friendO!!! :)

@jonathan-g-10157 Have you tried it without the VPN? Those never work for me on here I: If that doesn't work either (playing the mix from the feed-page), and the youtube videos won't play for you at all even during the day, let me know. I'll make a tracklist then :). And thanks for the link! That's awesome!

Hi Extreme Dinosaur, are these going to be part of the official playlist of Mother Russia Bleeds then? Only reason I ask is because I've researched and found that Vincent Cassar of Fixions is the person who's producing it. Also managed to listen to 1 track here but it say's there's 14 and I can't access them. I'm not a member here is that why? Also I reside in the UK so have to use VPN to listen or watch in some cases here being a prime example. Thanks very much anyway for uploading all this the song I've listened to sounds amazing! :) Please let me know if I can listen to your whole playlist and any other information you have about the soundtrack I'm buying the game and hope they'll sell the complete OST also!!

@jonathan-g-10157 Hello Jonathan. This is NOT the official OST. I made this mix inspired by the trailer and filled it with music I thought would suit the game. The reason why you can't listen to more than one track is that you're not residental in the US... We outside the US only get to listen to mixes via Youtube (for now, at least), and for some reason this sometimes doesn't work, especially at night (I'm from germany). If you try and come back during the day, there's a good chance the mix and all other mixes on here play correctly. It is also possible to follow a person and play the mix from the Feed-Page by hitting the play-button on there... That makes it play like you live in the US. A little trick I found out ;) Other than that you don't need to be a member to listen to mixes on here. 8tracks is currently on the way to making the normal player acceccible to everyone, but for now we have to stick with youtube :I Anyways, I hope you don't let these inconveniences scare you, this site has lots of really amazing music to offer! Hope you can figure it out. And I'm also extremely hyped for the game and the OST!

I don't know anything about this game but that screenshot looks positively hilarious! Also, congrats for the playlist E.D., I hit the star button so many effin times.. 'corruptor' and 'death squad' were amazing. Cheers!

@MadChuckle I don't think many people do tbh, but I think the game looks very sweet so far. I put a link to the official website in the description. Thank you for tuning in! Love those songs especially... Cheers!