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time for the charm bomb to explode


I'm no hero, I put my bra on one boob at a time like everyone else.

okay so... i've had to make changes to almost all of my playlists because of soundcloud not being linked to 8tracks anymore and tbh 8tracks' music library is not gr8tracks.
i am working on sourcing as many missing tracks as i can!

on the plus side i found a wonderful smooth jazz version of Independent Women which actually i think surpasses the remix that was in here before in terms of Tina-ness, so.

(also the reason it starts and ends with the same song is actually cuz the first one is a demo version and the second is properly mastered. they're slightly different. to me it's like Tina starting off being shy and unsure of herself and then growing into the beautiful, confident friend-fiction-loving young woman she is.)

20 tracks