56 comments on Boom. by EyeDoc

I really love this playlist! It's the first I've listened to on your mix list, but I'll be getting around to those others (especially the ones you suggested) after this one is done. Thanks for sharing! ^.^

All of your mixes are great! I am unsure of how my friends and I would get through all of our exams (or some of our classes) without such great music. It is definitely appreciated, thanks!

I have listened to a few of your other mixes and this one follows in their steps with a great flow and lots of variety. Yours are the mixes that help me make it through the study sessions and long walks through Seattle. Thanks dude and keep up the awesome job.

Dido!!! I agree completely! the heat here in Aus gets pretty brutal at times and study a true challenge... but with the eyedoc mixing my study playlist I'm always better off!