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Bring On The Sun


Here are 20 new upbeat songs to go along with that gorgeous smile and that spring in your step.

A lot of my mixes have a bit of overlap, not this one though, 100% new tunes, most of which are fairly unknown, spanning several genres.

This playlist is getting me stoked for brighter days ahead as I prepare to move to Beverly Hills for the next three months. So bring on the sun, the surf, and that California dream!

Hope you enjoy this list as much as I am.

20 tracks
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I've been having a great Monday and I didn't think it could get any better, but then I listened to this playlist... happy day :)
Thanks for putting this together

I love this mix so much I keep it on repeat.... it stopped me from listening to it because I listened too it too many times within an 8 hour period... I think that proves how awesome this playlist is!