62 comments on Drifting Off. Just...one...more... song... by EyeDoc

I listened to this mix every night for a month while I was away from home (training for military). Tonight I'm listening to it, knowing that I leave for the desert in a few short months. Love is an understatement for this mix. Thank you.

Thanks so much for making all these playlists! I love all of them, and they're a lifesaver when it comes to finals and paper season!

I've been perusing (and enjoying) your various classical study mixes throughout my all-nighter, but I was both pleased and impressed to stumble upon some Damien Rice on here. I'm soooooo hoping I make it to the second half of the 20th track because at this point I definitely trust your taste in music.

I was out by the second song, if I even made it that far. It's now my go to track when I can't fall asleep, I'm just not listening to the whole thing and I love it :)

agreed. actually, it's the same artist that sings both of those songs: Lisa Gerrard. That Gladiator song you mentioned is definitely up there...I don't know if I could pick between the two of 'em.