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"Boom" Dub Tracks Mix 1

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how do you mean ? not enough tracks in the mix ? all tracks in the mix are pre 79 so are all `original. what is your real gripe ?

I had actually re-read my original comment and thought about deleting it and reposting cause thought it might be taken a little funny out of context. what i meant is not enough older dub on 8tracks as whole. your mix is great! hence the thank you, and now another thank you. Thank you!

and i in turn saw and reacted to your comment just as you was liking the mix lol...no worries eh! i agree theres not enough older dub on here, but there will be : ) i have 4 more mixes in the older dub style. I have tons of dubs that will be on here eventually : ), thanks for liking this mix, maybe you should try the other 4, and my 1st extra special dub mix, and just for good measure, Thanks again : )