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They Shall Not Find Us Wanting


"War brings out the worst in the hearts of men- but it also brings the best in them."

"Men of Tanith! Do you want to live forever?"
-Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt,Tanith First and Only

"To each of us falls a task, and all the Emperor requires of us Guardsmen is that we stand the line, and we die fighting. It is what we do best - we die standing."
- General Sturnn of the Imperial Guard

From the green, green fields where the grasses grow, the snow capped mountains, to valleys littered with trenches and pock marked with craters, to the concrete jungle where blood soaked every block and alley. We are all soldiers now, and we shall know no fear.

Part 2, where an OC rallies to the colours and does not gives up hope (and I'm being a frakkin' git again).

19 tracks
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