81 comments on Feel Something, vol. 1 by fabfilmer008

Fantastic mix!! I was loving it and studying when The Blood of Cu Chulainn (Boondock Saints theme) came on and it made me ecstatic. Now I love it ten times more, great job!

Wonderful mix fabfilmer008! :D As someone who's played music and done some film score composition before, I'd just like to say you've done a fantastic job putting these together! :) Will have to check out the rest of your work! I have a mix you might like - it's an epic soundtracks one - thought I'd share since I enjoyed yours so much! Take care and all the best! :D


Animequus, you are a sweetheart and made my day! I'm so glad you enjoy the mixes. Hope to be releasing a new one very soon -- best of luck on the "wonderful" finals! :)

This is HANDS DOWN, ABSOLUTELY my favorite essay writing mix! You have a gift for making great study mixes, and we all really appreciate it, especially since it's nearing that wonderful (note: read with extreme sarcasm) time of the year: finals period for all of us college students/anyone who runs on a semester organization of the school year. So thank you once again, from all of us to you!

I was stressing over studying for exams and I turned this on and immediatly felt calmer. This is such a great mix!

You, madam, are a pure musical genius! Your mix really inspired me and kept me going when I needed it. So I just want to take a moment now and thank you for the gift of this mix. :)

I love this mix, it's getting me through finals as the perfect background music :) Thank you for having such good taste in music!!