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Feel Something, vol. 2


***Now split into TWO mixes: See "Feel Something, Part One" for the rest!***

Whether you're writing, need to re-learn an emotion, or just want a soundtrack for the highs and lows in your life, this mix has everything you'll need: happiness, pain, epic, complete depression, "awww" and "gasp" moments, and love.

Over 50 tracks from the masters: James Newton Howard, John Powell, Michael Giacchino... just to name a few.

So hit play and get ready to FEEL SOMETHING.

60 tracks
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This might be asking to much but can you take out "Millionaire"? I fall asleep to this playlist a lot and when that song comes on it always freaks me out. Its harsh sharp sounds are such a contrast to the otherwise relaxing and euphoric music that defines this playlist.