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Feel Something, vol. 5


More of the most beautiful scores ever composed. A somewhat longer mix, so be ready for some intense writing or studying!

From Alexandre Desplat to Yann Tiersen to Martin Phipps.

I've tried to sprinkle some lesser-known tracks in the mix, so hopefully a few are wonderful surprises to add to your love of movie scores!

126 tracks
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Your Feel Something mixes are literally helping me through college right now. I was struggling big time on a paper, but then I turned on this mix and wrote three pages in forty-five minutes - and this is far from the first time. Thank you so much for making all of these, I absolutely adore them!

Absolutely brilliant mix! Just wondering -- out of complete curiosity -- where the song "Bad News Bad News" originated from? Would really love to know if at all possible. :) Cheers!

I study to this, and honestly I am able to open my mind up to so many different ideas. This is truly inspirational and i am forever grateful to the created of this mix.
Thank you!