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Icarus - Nothing Gold Can Stay Fanmix


A playlist inspired by the amazing perkynurples and her Thilbo fanfiction, Nothing Gold Can Stay, which can be found here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1047210/chapters/2094253

Beautiful cover art by http://frodno.tumblr.com/

I dedicate the song by Imagine Dragons especially to chapter 23. (don't kill me)

Edit 01.19.2016.: changed the order of the songs a bit so that the mix ends on a happy note just like the fic does. :)

17 tracks
3 comments on Icarus - Nothing Gold Can Stay Fanmix

Love love the mix, i'm reading the fic right now and hnnnggg, the songs aline perfectly ❤️❤️ do you have a link so that i can download this mix and listen to it all the time? :""")

@eloisebalasbas omg I'm so sorry that this is like, a year and a half late, but thank you for your comment! In case you would still like to listen to this mix, here's a link:

@facepalmConquistador @eloisebalasbas hello!!! i made a new account because i forgot my password, anyway, the link shows up in my phone, soooo i'm downloading it right now. huhuhuhuhu thank you so much!!! :*