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east 5th

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Another gorgeous mix! What are your music sources? Boomkat and The Wire are my main go-to places, but a number of these artists have escaped me!

Thank you :) I enjoy your mixes, too!! Usually I go to last.fm then search for tracks. For this mix, some of them came from a net-label, Sutemos, now in hiatus :( Archive.org sometimes has hard-to-find tracks. Cheers!

Thanks for the leads! And where/how do you go about discovering new artists? Compliments again on your mixes. They are stellar.

You are so kind :) I find new music mainly through last.fm radio; you can tune in by artist, genre, or tag, and it plays related music. I then go though my scrobbling history and pick out tracks or aritsts, and play their radio, so on. They also have free downloads of certain tracks suited for your musical taste :)

Awesome. That is what I do, more or less, after checking out Boomkat and The Wire, as well as great DJs on 8tracks! If you happen to come across new distributors, labels, mags, or website that review new artists (the kinds of minimal electronic stuff we both seem to like), I'd love to know! My email: asaiber@bowdoin.edu. Thanks again for your compilations. I'll be continuing to listen to them as I do my research and writing.