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r e d i v i v u s

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i mentioned this in tags on tumblr but just in case you don't see it there or if someone for some reason is like "hm why doesn't this mix have any comments, it can't be THAT good", well, no, this mix is fucking INCREDIBLE. i have sort of unrealistically high standards for mixes at this point so it's rare that i get so immediately dazzled by one but this is so unbelievably good honestly. the transitions are spot on and the mood is fantastic and there's like Actual Songs on here there's something of substance to listen to instead of just slapping the bare minimum together like so many mixes do and i love the theme and i love the execution on it i love this mix and it deserves a lot more attention than it inevitably will because this website is hell on truly good mixes sometimes but just so you hear it at least once: this mix is spectacular and i forsee myself listening to it a lot in the future