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I Was A Teenage Trashcan

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i totally forgot that there was a comment system on this damn site and went through all that work on tumblr to compliment you.... anyway i love this mix + kudos to you big time for making it

@fadeson ALSO ANOTHER THING... (i'm so sorry if i'm being a nuisance or anything and don't feel obligated to answer) i was wondering if you have any particular music recs you think are good?? i just trust you have good taste and i'm on a search for New Cool Music so.............. again sorry for this + i'd definitely be doing this on a different platform if the comment system here wasn't the only way for going about this :s

@zepwae nono don't worry you're not being a bother at all! In terms of music: andrew jackson jihad - he's great i have to like stop myself from putting him on every playlist, bright eyes - he can be kinda depressing but if you can past that i'd totally recommend him the front bottoms - apart from giggling at their name they're my fav