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That First Minute We Met

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you'll stand alone now, you'll make it somehow

  • Kettering by 02
    i wish i had known in that first minute we met the unpayable debt that i owed you
  • Alright by Pilot Speed
    you'll stand alone now, you'll make it somehow
  • Big Houses by Squalloscope
    hoping while joining hands you can't feel my trembling fingertips
  • 3685 by Spill Canvas
    i know that this is what you want, a funeral keeps both of us apart
  • Between Two Dreams by Pomegranates
    angels playing hopes on the beach
  • First Day Of My Life (Bright Eyes and Aphex Twin Mashup Cover) by Jack Conte
    i think i was blind before i met you
  • Go On, Kill Me by Liz Pappademas
    go on, go on, kill me. stop staring with those eyes, all filled up with shame and love, it makes me want to die
  • Videotape by Radiohead
    this is my way of saying goodbye
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