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the distance


Senior year, a witch soul-bonds Danny and Stiles. Neither realizes anything is wrong until Danny moves to NY; suddenly he can't sleep and Stiles keeps having panic attacks. Stiles researches and tries to talk to him about it, but Danny wants nothing to do with it. When Stiles and the bond save his life one night, though, he goes back to California. There, he starts sleeping again and Stiles can finally breathe. As they learn each other emotionally, they realize that they might just be in love.

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THIS IS SO AMAZING AND LOVELY OH MY GOD I LOVE IT. :D is this based off a fic because if it's not you or someone who writes should please write it because i'd read the hell out of that. :3 thanks for being awesome and having AWESOME MUSIC TASTES WOOOHOO

Aw, thank you!! This is just based off an idea for a fic that I had. Sadly, I haven't had time to write it yet. So glad you enjoyed it, though!!