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Tried my hardest to find a play list that wasn't full of Honey Singh rapping something obnoxious, or Sari ka Fall type songs.

Couldn't. Did my own instead.

[Funny how most of the happy numbers in Bollywood are wedding related]

15 tracks
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Question: Why do you think Honey Singh or Saree ka Fall aren't good enough dance songs? Why did you try so hard to avoid them? =P

@rararasputin why do you care people have different taste in music and honestly i feel the same way about yo yo and saree ke fall sa... so please be reasonable when you r commenting

@omnom128 I asked a question to the creator of this mix; and a very legitimate question based on what she said in the caption. If I may say so, she happens to be a very good friend of mine and this is a standard topic of debate between us. So, as someone I know said, "please be reasonable while commenting".