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Fred and George Weasley: An Instrumental Fanmix


An instrumental music mix for the characters Fred and George Weasley that evokes their spirit and actions in both the books and films. Don't pay attention to the song's actual titles when you listen-I encourage everyone to listen to this while doing something else or with eyes closed-I'd love to get real feedback and see if anyone else agrees with my song choices in capturing the spirit of the twins. You can view my rationale here: fairhelenaravenclaw.tumblr.com/tagged/hp+fanmix

7 tracks
4 comments on Fred and George Weasley: An Instrumental Fanmix

Wow! This is absolutely gorgeous! It complements both the twins and their storyline so well that I can hardly believe that a human created this playlist. You are human, right? Or perhaps a music curating deity?

Absolutely marvelous. A real treat to listen to. I am a huge potterhead and this soundtrack really brightened my day:) Thank you!

Thank you so much! :') I was worried about capturing the right music and I'm so glad this made you happy! I thought the last two songs would be semi-depressing to people but I'm glad it didn't dampen your day! haha