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Mem♡ries Of Songs ... Growing Up


I Grew Up With A Wonderful Range Of Music In My Life .. Here's My Mix Of 60 .. 70 And 80s That Bring Back Memories I'm Thankful For ヅ ...

109 tracks
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Falta: This is an amazing set which sent me reeling through years and feeling emotions and conjuring up memories long forgotten. In addition, I was super way behind in my work due to my elderly mom's illness/hospitalization and I had mountains/countless hours of paperwork and boring data entry to do. Not only did these songs send me back to the times I lived with mom which kept her in heart as I worked, but the hours flew by seamlessly. Thank you for Blessing me and many others I am sure. You are a Blessing!!!!

@SongMeister1 ..I'm SO Sorry I didn't read this a lot earlier..THANK YOU for such kind words VERY KIND I'm deeply touched!! Music always and will forever be a blessing in all our lives I think..they some how have the magic to take us back to such Wonderful times times!!! ヅ I hope your Mom is better.. I take your Blessing ヅ !!! thanks to your words..GOD Bless You and your Mom Always!!

Really good playlist, with some nice surprises. love it! Listening while working but had to get up and take a walk after More, More, More followed by Love to Love You Baby :-)