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olicity: au af


an otp playlist

1. oliver hung up on felicity after a one night stand
2. felicity dies tragically and oliver tells their son their story
3. felicity taking credit for fixing oliver’s bad boyfriend habits
4. oliver doesn’t dance, but he wants to dance with her
5. oliver singing about what he wants from life
6. oliver singing about laurel
7. oliver serenading felicity
8. oliver singing about felicity
9. young oliver and felicity have big life dreams
10. an otp montage of some kind
11. oliver wanting to move in with felicity
12. old age olicity reflection
13. a proposal scenario
14. felicity lives too far away for oliver’s liking
15. 'come home'
16. a triumphant dance off
17. a felicity solo
18. a life-long romance
19. the musical

19 tracks
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