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✪ checkpoint ✪


Adventure is out there, you just have to find it.

A chiptune mix that will instantly restore HP!

Level grinding got you down? Then check out ✪ random encounter ✪! (http://8tracks.com/fallenumbrella/random-encounter)


Cover art (https://tmblr.co/ZXwPKx229yO3E) by galactic-castle (http://galactic-castle.tumblr.com)
(p.s. original art is animated)

18 tracks
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@fallenumbrella I love this song. It really does capture the sense of adventure. I am currently working on a text-based video game to be launched for free online. Would it be possible for me to use this song in the game? I will of course include you and your album in the credits.

@Kerrin631 Which song in my mix did you want to use? Thank you for letting me know that you want to use it! I think it's also best to contact the artist to obtain their permission to use it and make sure you credit them too. Most of them should have emails or other contact info listed on their social media like Soundcloud, Facebook, tumblr, and bandcamp.