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let's find a marching band


hey wirt, let's find a marching band
the one that beats the rhythm of our feet
and leads us right back home
so don't you worry, brother o' mine,
i wouldn't follow any other line

a fanmix for two wandering musicians lost in the woods

- still lost in the unknown? then listen to "letters from a lost traveler" (http://8tracks.com/fallenumbrella/letters-from-a-lost-traveler)
- remember when we were afraid of the dark? (http://8tracks.com/fallenumbrella/remember-when-we-were-afraid-of-the-dark)
- listen to this mix while you eat your dirt (http://8tracks.com/fallenumbrella/it-s-a-sin-to-kill-a-bluebird)


cover art by mw on pixiv (http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=5817958)

12 tracks
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