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it is going to be okay!


never apologize for burning too brightly or collapsing into yourself every night. that is how galaxies are made.
i made this playlist for my sweethearts who i am so proud to call my friends! this is a pick me up of songs that remind me of you all! youre so pure and warm hearted, it kills me inside to see you down. i love you all to bits, and i wouldnt change you for the world! im so proud of you for being alive and for making it through all you have! i cherish you all so much, if i ever lost you id be losing what motivates me most. you all are so precious to me and such beautiful people in my eyes. youre full of so much beauty and warmth, you are a blessing to this world. youre strong, you will get through this, things will be okay. i believe in you, and i love you with everything i have

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WHY DOES THIS PLAYLIST ONLY HAVE 5 LIKES??? i just finished listening to the fist track and i'm balling my eyes out! thank you❤

@noelle.catherine oh my gosh youre so so sweet!!! thank you so much for the sweet comment, im so happy that you like it!!! i hope you have a wonderful day and that this playlist is a good pick me up ❤❤❤